The Gens Italica Network Association was established in order to participate in the international network between the Foundations and Associations which are most representative of the communities of Italian origin in the world. These are communities that constitute a resource of know-how, experience, traditions and values, consolidated in a highly evolved and competitive trans-national system, that can and must be expanded still further.

The Association intends to cooperate with the network in order to intensify relations between the various communities residing abroad and Italy, thereby making it possible to establish constant relations regarding issues of mutual interest. The cultural and socio-economic initiatives and those of solidarity that will be realized through the network will be addressed towards the appraisal and evaluation of the creativity, talents, inventiveness and capacities of intuition and innovation that have always been considered typically Italian in order to consolidate the feeling of belonging to a great single community of Italian origin extending over the five continents.

The Association proposes to stimulate opportunities and to propose areas of common interest which those participating in the network and their associates will be able to be examine, consider and discuss so as to stimulate new social, cultural, professional and economic wealth for all. These collaborations could also get young generations positively involved in order to integrate the educational and training systems of their countries of residence with the cultural, historical, ethical and linguistic origins of their ancestors.