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Agostino Codazzi (1793 - 1859)

Artillery cadet in Italy, national hero in Venezuela. Soldier in Napoleon’s Army, world-famous cartographer. Agostino Codazzi marked the boundaries of the new northern countries in South America, contributed to mark the Panama Canal, ended his life dedicating himself to cartographical studies in the inaccessible territories between Amazonia and the Andes. He has been an extreme representative of the Italian intuition, eclecticism, and creativeness. Today, 150 years after his death, many people still remember his name in the village where he died, Espiritu Santo, also known as Codazzi Village.

Filippo Mazzei (1730-1816)

Turkey, England, Virginia, but actually the new United States were his real second homeland. An eclectic and very learned Tuscan that succeeded in putting a bit of italic spirit in the United States Declaration of Independence and, why not?, in the most famous flag in the world.

Silvio Pettirossi ( 1887-1916)

An Italian father emigrated in Paraguay, an education in Italy, a childhood dream of flying, at 17 in the Paraguayan army. Silvio Pettirossi dedicates his short life to Aviation, together with its pioneers of the beginning of 1900.
He was not a pilot only; he created very difficult acrobatics that signed the History of Flight. He had an exasperate life, until his Deperdussin “T”, by then a member of his family, couldn’t take the strain and, as all the biggest loves do, collapsed with him.
At 29 only, Pettirossi started the history of South-American aviation, and the world acclaimed him “King of the Air”.