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Letters from abroad and from Italy

Italian young working abroad
I’m a young Italian mom, I’m an artist and I live in Paris. When I saw your website I thought that your Project about history and current affairs could be a virtual meeting place for young people from every part of the world. Meeting each other today is very important, especially for those who, due to the most different circumstances, live abroad.
Have I got the right spirit of your Association? If so, I could send some information and pictures about my job..
Caterina Pini
Paris, February, 4, 2008

Repertory for Tito Belati Band
My name is Massimo Avoli, and I’m the chairman of Trivigliano Music Association. I would be very glad to receive some information (and possibly its score) about the “Sulle rive di Canterno”, a march written by Maestro Francesco Ferrante, who won the bronze medal at Tito Belati competition in Perugia in 1911. Best regards.
February, 3, 2008

Musical instruments for Tito Belati Band
Dear Chairman,
I thank you and Gens Italica for remembering a piece of the music history of my town, Perugia. Music has a long tradition here, both people and establishment love and practice it since many centuries.
Regarding your request, I’d like to inform you that in Perugia city hall six trumpets are kept.
These instruments were committed to Tito Belati Musical Workshop at the beginning of 1900, but they have a long historical tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages, when music represented an important mean of communication between the Prior and the people.
I’ll do my best in order to persuade the right authorities to satisfy your request: our city owes much to Maestro Tito Belati.
I hope you’ll like these notes about Tito Belati’s life, taken from a work of mine of some years ago. I also hope to see them published on your website as a memory and a source of information for the Italian communities in the world.
Best regards and keep up the good work!
Andrea Franceschelli
M° Pietro Franceschini Committee Councilor for the Band Historical Found
Perugia, January, 30, 2008

Meeting the Italo-American communities
Good morning, my name is Laura Pizzagalli and I belong to the folk group “la Brianzola”.
We often take part to International festivals, and meeting Italians living abroad is always a magnificent experience. But this year, the New York City Columbus Day Parade aroused a particular happiness in all of us; I saw lots of Italian and American flags and I understood that many of my countrymen who live abroad always take Italy in their hearts. I saw them rejoice and exult as we went through (maybe our clothes inspired to Renzo and Lucia and our folk songs arouse in them old memories) and my heart was full of joy.
Thank you very much for broadcasting the Parade in Italy and have a good day.
Calco, Lecco
October, 25, 2007

Relatives abroad
Hi, I’m 16 years old and I heard on the news about your streaming of the Columbus Day Parade. So I met Gens Italica, which allowed me to watch a manifestation of which I only heard from my uncle Manuele, who lives in New York and sometimes visits us in Calabria. I read of your intention to encourage contacts among the Italians and their family members abroad. I think this is very important. In my village we all have some relatives scattered all over the world, and most of us have no contact with them. It would be nice to be in touch with them again. I’ll follow you carefully and I hope that this project will be well developed..
Giuliano. A.
October, 12, 2007

Musical instruments for Tito Belati Band
Hi, I’m a trumpet teacher at Matera Academy of Music. In my village, Mendicino (CS), a friend of my showed me a Tito Belati E flat soprano tuba. It’s in bad conditions so I asked to an brilliant artisan from Calabria to repair it.
Luigi Santo
October, 10, 2007

Italian motorcycles
Italian automobiles, both historical and contemporary, are appreciated all over the world and represent our visiting card. What about motorcycles? Why overlook them, which are famous as well? Yet Ducati won the world champion. I hope that you’ll fill this gap. Anyway, you’ve had a good idea!
Carlina P. Modena
Modena, September, 26, 2007

I met your website by chance and I find it very interesting. But why do you deal especially with the United States? There are many Italians in Belgium and we have many association, too. I hope you’ll cope with us. Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work.
Jean Trevisan
September, 11, 2007


Pictures of the Time that Was
A private collection of unpublished pictures about Perugia Cup (1924 – 1927) and not only

Tianjin Italian district in China
Before WWII this area hosted many Italian immigrants. Now it’s coming to a new life thanks to some agreements between Italy and China.

New projects and stories
Our activity goes on with new projects and original stories.

Dissertations about Italians abroad
Have you wrote your dissertation about some aspects of life, problems or success of the Italians abroad?
Submit it!

International itineraries about Italian art and history
We’re carrying out a magazine about news, information, pictures, stories and feelings related to Italian art and history, especially across the Italian borders. Our goal is the promotion of some international itineraries aiming to be familiar with the different aspects of the Italian spirit in various countries, in order to complement with the Italian realities.

Association life

Chairman’s presentation
Mario Belati’s welcome, chairman of Gens Italica Network Association, to all our visitors.

Collaboration with CASPUR
Our Association had signed an agreement with CASPUR (Inter-University Consortium for the Application of Super-Computing for Universities and Research) with the aim to discover, test, carry out and increase new technological instruments and network services..


Margherita Boniver’s contribution
During a recent meeting I had in Rome with some Afghan women elected in the Parliament of that very young democracy, I had the opportunity to realise how strong and courageous their will was to succeed in leading their country towards a better future.


Bassano “Mitiche Sport” 13th edition, a great one
Gens Italica attended to the 2007 edition of Mitiche Sport in Bassano del Grappa, in Northern Italy. This is an international event dedicated to the historical two-seater racing cars known as “barchette”, that had a historical role in sport motor racing. It is organized, since its establishment, by Bassano del Grappa ASSI Club.

Columbus Day Parade – Monday, 8 October 2007, New York City
Since 1929,every year the Columbus Day Parade takes place along the Fifth Avenue in New York City. It is a big popular event, remembering the contribution given by the Italian spirit to the Country.

Gens Italica broadcasted the direct livestream.


Richard Greco Jr.’s contribution
Richard Greco Jr. was Undersecretary to the American Navy from 2004 to 2006. In this role he was also Chief Financial Officer of the Department of the Navy.


èItalia – editor Domenico Calabria

èItalia, is a magazine which has been defined as a “flag” for the Italian news in the world. It started in 1999 with the aim to promote the economic, tourist and cultural Italian heritage abroad. It also allows the international community to follow the various developments and changes of Italy in every field.
The magazine is printed in colors and has a circulation of 200.000 copies, in Italy and abroad. It is sold together with “Panorama Economy” (in Italy) and with “America Oggi” (in the United States). èItalia includes some multilingual sections dedicated to Russia, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Australia, as well as some specials carried out in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, and published on “Panorama Economy”.

Music bands
Tito Belati Publishing House in Perugia collects stories, music compositions and documents related to the bands, maestros, musicians and fan of Italian origins who live abroad.