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A Car, its History, Many Stories
is a project about the Italian historical automobiles 
International Itineraries of Italian History and Art
is a project about the Italian networks in the world
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
is a project about international itineraries of News and History
Symbols of Italy in the world
Is a project about the promotion of Italian icons of past and present

Special stories


Futurists in Umbria: Federico Seneca, from the industrial product to the race speed
ALFA ROMEO 1910-2010
One hundred years of creativity
Columbus Day in New York City
a meeting place
for the Italian communities in the world
Messina and Reggio Calabria earthquake:
100 years have passed
In China
a little known Italian district
the Italians and their heirs in the world
Our friends in the world

Music bands:

from Perugia to the world

An historical archive

Roberto Rossellini’s 1955 Ferrari 375 One Thousand Miles
Mario Savona and his story as the second owner of this marvellous small sedan

Sport barchettas after WWII:

the expression of the winning Italian creativeness

Rendezvous in Bassano del Grappa

Under Alitalia’s colors
Will Auriga club succeed in re-forming a competition team?

Perugina Cup
Unpublished pictures about life in the Twenties

Italian automobiles and stamps

We’re off! New 500
in Vallelunga, 1973

an Italian symbol in the world

remembering that he was an immigrant

Museums of historical automobiles:
our proposals

When a wall advert
becomes art and history