You don't have to be mad about cars to know the love and enthusiasm felt by collectors of Italian origins for historical cars produced in Italy.
This project is dedicated solely to these collectors.

Taking their passion as its starting point, the project aims to provide a link between the collectors in order to collect their ideas, experiences and suggestions on how best to promote the historical heritage of Italian automobiles. Gens Italica will cooperate in our initiative in this sector and will advertise it through its network: a new chance to cross geographical and brand borders, rendering everyone a participant in this great mission dedicated to the Italian motoring spirit.

In particular, this project intends to capture all the emotions, sensations and satisfactions that come arise from the "humanized" relationship between a car, its owner and its history. We are sure that many collectors will participate in order to pay tribute to all the designers, producers and constructors, many of whom are no longer alive. With their creativity, sacrifice and resolution, they contributed to the writing of unforgettable pages in the history of the automobile, and to the diffusion all over the world of the idea of Italian technique, style and sporting glory. We thank all the fans, Italian and American, who would like to tell us of their experiences of the sporting life as lived with Italian cars.

The information you submit to us will allow us to plan our project and to immediately establish a relationship based on this common passion. In this first stage we will publish a list of automobiles only, along with their photos (if authorized), while the information about the collectors will be kept confidential.

For further information, please contact us

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