This project aims to carry out a kind of magazine for news, information, pictures, stories, emotions and features related to Italian art and history in the world Taking this information as a starting point, we intend to develop some international itineraries which give the possibility to everybody to go into the particular aspects of the Italian spirit in the different countries, completing our awareness of it.

Our itineraries have the following specific goals:

The contents of these international itineraries will be available in the Projects section.

Thanks to the possibility of employing and interweaving these diverse historical and artistic aspects our organizations and users can construct and share their own accounts about Italy and the Italian spirit in very original ways, through passionate and multifaceted approaches, joining reason and feelings, fancy and reality. These itineraries are put into action in the shape of performances and shows, closely connected to the lives of our countrymen and to the history of their countries.

Currently, these are the cultural areas:

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