We’re in the living room after dinner, or during a coffee break at work.

We begin to tell stories and anecdotes about our Italian communities Let’s remember some Italian personalities who lived in our country. Let’s discuss the success of other countrymen descending from Italian forebears: We’re talking about the Italian spirit, putting together some virtual itineraries: we’re strengthening our sense of belonging to the “gens italica” who lives in our country and all over the world.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: international itineraries of News and History., Our goal is a global connection that enables us to tell the life and works of Italian personalities (or persons of Italian origins) who have contributed in making the history of the different countries and participated in their cultural, economic, political and social development.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow is made of your contributions and information. Are you proud of something? Do you want other Italians scattered in the world be, too? Cooperate with us, write and submit your material:

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