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1955 – The Italian creativeness and the BMW revival
by Ruggiero Capone

In the Fifties, an entrepreneur and his designers planned Isetta, a mini car for the post war period that, thanks to its innovative intuitions and solutions, launched the philosophy of the city car. In 1955 BMW bought the project, signing the first step for its rebirth. More than 50 years later, instead of claim the Italian creativeness, we think of Isetta as a crushing flop.




1955 Ferrari 375 Thousand Miles: model n. 12 belongs to the Italian director Roberto Rossellini
byi Mario Savona

It was 1964 when Mario Savona, from Palermo, though he hadn’t got his driving license yet, fell desperately in love with that mechanic monster, dressed up with art and skill by Scaglietti especially for the famous director. You never forget your first love and Mario Savona, a passionately lover of historical automobiles and a talented driver, tells us about his exciting experience, remembering the car’s original steering-wheel from which he can’t yet separate.

Interview with Mario Belati
by Ruggiero Capone

An economist, banking expert, and world-class manager, Mario Belati appears the classic man of letters, always wearing an unadorned suit and tie. Nevertheless, every strong man has his weak point: in this case, historic automobiles. Mario Belati dedicates his spare time to this passion and this website is a pledge of his love. In this interview, we’ll look into the human aspects hidden in the metal.