Under Alitalia’s colors

This is the story of a great initiative of sport finance organized by the Italian flag carrier Alitalia, in the role of world messenger of the Italian spirit. All the fans, both Italian and of Italian origins, are got together around a sport team dressed in Alitalia’s colors , competing all over the world.

Many Italian and foreign drivers competed in this livery, winning several national and international competitions. Particularly, Lancia and Fiat excelled in rally specialty, and gained many famous competitions and world championships.

Afterward, Alitalia left to other Italian sponsors all the honors and responsibilities of supporting our Fiat group’s official teams; both in sprint races and rally competitions, Italian cars went on achieving success.

Alitalia sport team owes its fame to a group of personalities, managers, technicians, and drivers who literally flew all over the world and become the builders of an all-Italian success. Let’s remember Cesare Fiorio, Sandro Munari, Walter Rohl and many others, more or less famous, always proud to drive Italian racing cars and to wear our flag carrier’s colors.

Together with today’s fans and yesterday’s protagonists, Club Auriga intends to tell this great adventure and to gather all the Alitalia sport team cars, that are currently scattered all over the world, in one historical team, representative of all the different cars , in order to participate to sport events both in Italy and abroad, and giving a new life to this passion which is characterized by a strong Italian spirit.

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